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I Am Become a Name by THISISFARYL I Am Become a Name by THISISFARYL
Yes, more TRON art, but of a different kind.

I often associate Tennyson's poem, "Ulysses," with post-Betrayal!Tron, especially in Uprising, mainly because of the line which is the title of this piece. In this line, it's implied that Ulysses laments the fact that he's created such a legacy with his journeys and exploits that his "fans" often forget who he is, but only recognize him by the things he did. I can't help but think that this is what's eventually going to happen with Tron, especially with how the franchise is treating him. It's especially evidenced in the Uprising episode "No Bounds," where a good part of the episode's conflict is Cyrus in combat with Tron and forcing his mentor to call him "Tron" with his dying breath, thus naming him as his successor. It's no longer possible to be "Tron," at this point, but a "Tron".

Several months ago, I read an overview of the character by a Tumblr user who is a relatively good friend of mine, and I've agreed with the analyses that this user has written, except for this one, mainly because he/she implied that Tron was more of a symbol than a character, and that's why he's often sidelined in the franchise (and if you're reading this, no, I'm still not over that!) Naturally, I told this user to stuff it, and that was when I realized that it WAS becoming true, and even in canon itself, Tron is being seen less as a person/Program and more as a concept, perhaps as a living symbol of freedom or some crap like that.

So, yeah, don't mind me.
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August 7, 2013
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